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Doctor'z Orders Hair Growth Oil 4 oz

100% Organic & Vegan Cruelty-Free


Doctor'z Orders Hair Growth Oil has shown tremendous benefits in the following areas:


- Stopping hair loss in it's tracks, whether it be from hormonal, chemical, and physical reasons.


- Strengthens hair strands from the inside out to diminish breakage.


- Hydrates the hair to withstand daily wear and tear.


- Revitalizes and protects the scalp from irritation, dryness, and inflammation.




Organic Castor, Vitamin E, Jamaica Castor, Peppermint and Argan Oils 





Apply hair oil to scalp. Massage gently into targeted areas 3-5 times a week. Can be used on wet hair to help manage frizz and as a hot oil treatment .

Hair Growth Oil

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